It’s time to get unstuck.  If only life came with a manual. You know you need to make a major change. But what—and how?

  • You feel totally overwhelmed and unfulfilled.
  • Work is sucking the life out of you.
  • Your personal relationships are strained and you desperately want to fix them but don’t know how.
I’m Kelly Melsted, and in my years of experience as a life coach in Tucson, I can tell you that what you’re experiencing is a communications problem. The way we communicate affects all parts of our lives, and when communication breaks down with others, or with ourselves, we experience an internal #epicfail.

Ready to confidently communicate and unabashedly show up as YOU? – Let’s do this. Contact Kelly Melsted today for professional life coaching in Tucson.

1. Crave Change

Do any of the following statements resonate with you?
  • Work life is sucking the joy out of me.
  • I can make a plan but sticking with it is a little shaky.
  • I wish I could get it all done and still have balance.
  • I wish I was better at communicating

Find out how life coaching in Tucson can help.

2. Consultation

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career or hopeless about finding love, a professional coaching consultation is the first step towards achieving the life you want to live! This free session is exclusively for people who are ready and focused on what’s next, and are willing to invest in getting there fast. One caveat: For your application to be considered, you’ll need to answer a few questions...

Let’s get started!

3. Discovery

What does your confetti popping future look like, exactly? Discover which aspects of your life you are satisfied with and which ones we can challenge to be better!

4. Define your goals

Together we will create detailed map for your unique goals and a personalized plan to achieve all goals.

5. Deconstruct Barriers

Together we will dig deeply to clear away limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you from moving forward. I will partner with you 24/7 to hold you accountable to your dreams and what you say you want.

6. Live Out Loud

See that bright, vibrant future shining ahead of you? It’s even closer than you think! We’ll work together to reveal your most confident and unabashed self. You’ll be on your way to living a more authentic, fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Ready to get started?


7. My work here is done 😉

You’ll be on your way to living a more authentic, fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Hear what others have experienced after professional coaching with me.


If you’re ready to get very clear and specific on certain goals you want to achieve, then I highly recommend working with Kelly.  She will help you know what those goals are, how to achieve them, and by when – and she doesn’t mess around!  She’ll keep you focused and motivated as she helps you create a plan that works and feels right for you.
I was very delighted and surprised by how goal-minded I’ve become!  I’ve never considered myself a very “goal-oriented” person.  I have huge visions and goals, and I’ve already achieved some of them, but, whenever I’ve tried to break them down into more measurable, bite-sized activities, I’ve always felt resistance.  But, coupled with internal changes I’ve gone through over the years, working with Kelly really helped me to jump-start getting very clear and specific on the goals I want to achieve before the end of the year – including one of my 2016 goals, which is to finish my book – finally!

Emily Eldridge
Tucson, Arizona

I wasn’t sure what to expect from working with Kelly, but I have been pleasantly surprised!  I knew I wanted major changes in my career but didn’t have clarity to get unstuck.  Kelly partnered with me to delve into the smallest to-do list details as well as the philosophical big picture stuff. This approach is helpful in creating actionable plans and building tangible momentum toward a goal.  I was able to quit a job that sucked the energy out of me and move to a career that fills my soul.  To sum it up: Challenging and Elucidative.

Tucson, Arizona

Kelly “reset” my destructive patterns and brought confidence, clarity, and play back into my life.  Her coaching has guided my life from destructive and chaotic patterns of self-doubt to confidence, authenticity, clarity, and efficiency. Kelly empowers me to become the most genuine, confident, and real person I can be. Whatever hurdle I am trying to overcome, she helps me form tools and mechanisms to overcome those barriers. She helps me articulate real, achievable goals in the most concise and clear manner. Kelly challenges me to look at things from a different perspective and tackle whatever goal or problem I’m going through. After our conversations, I feel clear, confident, and authentic. I genuinely recommend Kelly Melsted for both personal and career oriented coaching.

Ginny James
Paradise Valley, Arizona

When I first started working with her, I could barely put one foot in front of the other to get my business started. Now, I am proudly working my business as a full time job and gratefully reaping the benefits of doing the work that I love. I have Kelly to thank for making me go deep into the areas that I so dearly needed to. It was there that I found my true authentic strength that had always been there, just lying as a dormant resource begging to be tapped.  To say that Kelly is an excellent life/business coach would be an understatement to a great degree. She is an amazing, intuitive, and blessedly assertive (though in a sweet manner) coach, who will help you and challenge you to the degree that will best push you forward in the pursuit of your dreams.  And unlike others who preach, she is living the life she talks about.

Jason Wechs

Before working with Kelly I didn’t realize I was sabotaging my goals by holding my standards too high.  Now, I’m more aware of what I say about the goals I have and more focused.  Definitely consider hiring Kelly. She is experienced, clear, concise, and is good at cutting through the bullshit.  

Brian Hanner
Tucson, Arizona

I was looking to get a clear picture on starting my business.  I didn’t expect to get benefits this quickly and a step-by-step process!  I highly recommend working with Kelly.

Polina Cake
Tucson, Arizona

Before I started working with Kelly, I felt really stuck in my business. During our time together, my outlook shifted and my business started to grow again. She is a delight and a joy to work with.  Kelly brought a real sense of play and lightness to our conversations that I actually began to bring into the living of my own life.

Rachael Redgate
Bolton, United Kingdom

Before I was running around trying to please everyone now I am now able to say NO! Work with Kelly, you won’t be disappointed.

Casey Anderson
Tucson, Arizona

Kelly’s uplifting presence and vigor for life compelled me to embrace living life at my highest potential.

Maddy Bortes
Washington, D.C.

You know want to be happier in your career but totally stuck? And you want to be in a great relationship and your dating life isn’t showing any promises of that happening anytime soon. – That was me last year. – Then, Kelly came into my life, shook it up (in a good way of course) and supported me in getting unstuck. Her loving ability to reflect what I was putting in my own way and giving me ideas on how to shift my thinking allowed me to excel at work and get a promotion. And the best of it all, I met the man of my dreams and we are talking about getting married next year. Hiring Kelly as a coach was one of the best choices I’ve made!

Saundra Berger
Seattle, Washington

Through working with Kelly, I have been able to manifest changes in both my professional and personal life that I never imagined possible. She has helped me to discern and overcome patterns of thought and behavior that had impeded my path to reaching my objectives. Thanks to our work together, I am more patient with myself and others, more open, and more courageous. Kelly is a highly trained and skilled life coach. She helps you take an honest look at what is and isn’t working in your life and guides you to discover for yourself what actions to take to affect the changes you desire. She is sincere and kind and generous, and brings a beautiful energy to each and every call. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Jennifer Goldsmith
Takoma Park, Maryland

A major shift I made during coaching is thinking about how kickass I am. I’m really saying that with seriousness, too. Over and over again, whenever I felt adverse or shy or afraid of something, my awesomeness and ability to handle the situation came up. Which then led to the idea of, well, why be afraid? Why worry so much? Why wonder if I am good enough, if I am deserving? Which takes a lot of questions and concerns out of the equation. I appreciated how Kelly was able to show me how these changes in thinking in behavior would really continue to ripple out and change my life down the road, and permanently! She really made me feel special and taken care of. Thank you so much for everything, Kelly!

Rachel Malis
Washington DC

The way I now show up in relationship is nothing short of revolutionary from my past habits. For the first time, I’ve been totally dedicated to not allowing fear to even grace the doorstep of my mind, and catching it every time it comes up. The result is that I’m building the partnership I always wanted and I’ve fallen deeply in love. It is a miracle. And I really attribute how I am showing up in this relationship to our work together.

Marci Molberg
Arlington, Virginia

I’m always getting a ‘reset’ from Kelly — I like how she handles herself, how personal she is with everyone — it’s like she’s inviting you into her home and she’s so happy you’ve come.

Aaron K.
Washington DC

Kelly hit it right on the nail to get me moving forward in finding my direction. For several months I had been totally off balance and not focused on what is really important to me. Now I have the time to doing things that I enjoy and am finally making decisions!

Maria Mojica
Tucson, Arizona

Ready to live the life of your dreams?

What you get when you work with a professional Tucson life coach:
  • A board certified personal life coach in your corner
  • Highly skilled 1-on-1 personal life and career coaching
  • Personalized plan to get you unstuck
  • Weekly tools and practices designed for your professional & personal goals
  • Clarity and insight into your blind spots
  • Endless accountability to ensure you’re moving along with your goals
  • Bonus treats along the way to celebrate
  • An open invitation to ping me, ring me, during my weekly office hours for constant support.

INVESTMENT: Life coaching packages start at $695 a month.

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