About Coaching

The skills Kelly teaches help save relationships and build careers.  It’s all about being brave and getting real.  Create a better you.
No one is born with communication skills. We don’t come out of the womb with a sense of confidence and bravery.  These are learned skills that can majorly impact your life’s happiness.  Life coaching helps you identify disempowering behaviors and challenge outdated beliefs so you can think and act from a higher level.  You will learn to communicate with confidence and ease—which leads to life-changing results.

Three Ways Coaching Can Change Your Life

Kelly can help you improve the flow and ease of your home life—especially during arguments or times of stress.

Do you find that your words don’t land, or that people don’t really “get” what you’re saying? Kelly’s business coaching can help you be more impactful and articulate clearly with staff and colleagues.

Ever feel like you can’t get past surface conversations because you’re afraid to speak your mind? “Real” communication can be scary. Kelly can help remove the things preventing you from being your true, authentic self.

Coaching Fallacies You Must Not Ignore

“Are you like a counselor?”
“Do you give people advice on what to do next?”
“Are you like a mentor?”

Life coaches give people advice, like a consultant or mentor. False

Spoiler alert: I don’t give advice.  Coaches are not consultants or mentors.  Consultants and mentors will give advice based on personal experience.  This can be positive or negative thing based upon their own mentality.  Life coaching believes that the client really does have the answer.  Like fish, humans can’t see the water they are swimming in.  Personal coaching empowers clients by having them make decisions based upon the client’s own perceptions and attitudes.

Coaching is like counseling. False

Coaching may resemble counseling in that a client seeks help in understanding themselves to get unstuck and move forward.  However, the way in which coaches and counselors help clients resolve issues is totally different.

In counseling, the conversations are mostly looking at the past.  There is an unresolved pain that needs to be healed or fixed.  In coaching, the conversation is 90% future based.  Coaching does glance in the rearview mirror because there could be some valuable experiences or patterns, but the past does not have to control how we choose to live our life.

I received my coaching certification in Ontological Coaching.  Ontological Coaching is characterized by “way of being”.  In other words, it is how we show up in life, our behaviors and perceptions, which in turn affect our communication and behavior.  For example: Two people can have a goal to make their first million.  One person can make the cash and be horribly depressed and greedy in the process.  The other person can make the cash while becoming a better person and finding fulfillment in the process.

You can get the same benefits from Mastermind group. False

Life coaches are not a mastermind group or peer group based.  In coaching the clients receive individualized attention allowing the coach to address clients individual beliefs or context that may be holding them back.

Think about it, it’s like joining a running group versus hiring a running coach to work one on one with you. If you wanted to succeed quicker, reach your goals and implement the training you would hire the leadership coach.

Coaching is a luxury. False

Coaching is a smart investment. It is not a luxury.  Companies that have hired a coach had a 86% Return on Investment (ROI) and the average ROI for individuals working with a coach was 7 times the initial investment. Over a quarter of coaching clients reported an ROI of 10-49 times the cost.  Totally worth the investment!

Want to put the work in to make massive change in their lives.

Want tips & tools in creating lasting patterns and changes.

Feel like their life is out of balance.

Want to approach every situation with confidence and ease.

Want to have more fun and deeper connections.

Want more energy.

Feel it’s an endless effort to make your routines stick.

Looking for the opportunity to grow.


Can’t wait to leap out of bed every morning.

Are having more fun than you can stand.

Wouldn’t change a thing about appearance or energy level.

Have an impeccable self care routine. 

All relationships are perfect and based in love.

Unwilling to do the work- Your trainer doesn’t do your pushups for you. 

Are not willing to invest (energy, money, time) for their success and personal growth.

What You Get

Coaching sessions are held over the phone or Skype.
Recorded sessions if requested.
60-minute phone coaching sessions (4 sessions per month)

What you give

Let’s make a difference together!  Each time you invest in yourself through life coaching, 10% of the profits go towards a non-profit initiative- of your choice!  You’re not only helping yourself, but you’re also helping support others along the way.