About Kelly

I’m Kelly Melsted — and as you’ve probably guessed — I show people how to be confident & unabashedly themselves.

People come to me when they are feeling stuck and craving more fulfillment. Their unbalanced work life is sucking the joy out of them. They’re craving to communicate with more confidence and ease. And, they really just want to say what they really want to say.

I help them get exactly what they want, which is to find clarity and confidence to be themselves, amidst a world hiding behind digital smoke screens & small talk.  The skills I teach help to engage clients, save relationships, and build careers. It’s all about being brave and getting real.

My coaching is the foundation for locating power leaks and challenging disempowering beliefs, so you can think and act from a higher level, and become more effective, authentic and unafraid of being your most vibrant self.

With pride I can say that clients describing their life changing results often credit me as being one of the biggest stands in their life, having “undying commitment”, and being “one of the best choices” they’ve made. Read for yourself!

More About Kelly

Education, Certifications and business philosophies are all well and good. But there’s more to Kelly than work. If you want to get to know her a little better, keep reading. You can also check out one of her rants here: How To Not Get Ripped Off By A Coach.

When Kelly isn’t coaching and copywriting, she can be found delighting during ‘sombresa’ (the time spent connecting with family at the table after meals), hosting dinner parties and dabbling on her latest Pinterest craft. Here are a few other interesting tidbits:

She sends snail mail love notes weekly

She survived a near death flash flood as a river guide once – and she loves to surf

She went from working as a Washington D.C. government director to teaching yoga and managing yoga studios

She is also an archer, potter, baker and beekeeper, and developed an urban beekeeping program in Washington DC with over 56 new community hives

She is a proud board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners -NAWBO &  Women’s Center for Economic Opportunity

She is a dog person who is in love with a crazy Siamese cat

She has seen over 25 countries in 5 continents and is learning French for when she goes to grow lavender in Provence, someday

She lost her dad to suicide—silence killed him. She is now on a mission to help people have the courage to speak their truth and live fulfilled.

Education and Certifications

Kelly Melsted, Career and Business Coach, is certified through the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training and Leadership Program. This is the nation’s most rigorous and extensive professional coaching program and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Kelly completed her studies and received her certification in Washington D.C.

In addition to her private practice, Kelly has also worked as a Mentor Coach in two yearlong certification programs where she taught coaches in training.

Prior to helping people become the best versions of themselves, Kelly was doing the same thing for our planet. For years, Kelly was the Director of Environmental Services for DC Gov, where she worked with the local community, lawmakers and government agencies to improve and protect the environment. Kelly’s work included heading up environmental initiatives, adult and child education, summer youth employment in the parks, volunteering and community gardens where she started 56 new gardens and developed an urban beekeeping program that resulted in seven hives.


Helping companies put their best foot forward

When Kelly isn’t helping individuals make life-changing breakthroughs, she writes copy that helps businesses shine. Many companies aren’t reaching their full potential because their website and marketing communications are sub-par. Kelly believes great copy is like great coaching: it communicates in a better way.  Words have the power to grab attention and make people think differently.  And that inspires action.

If your marketing copy is less than inspiring, maybe it’s time to revamp it.  Kelly’s copywriting services include:

  • Website copy that engages
  • Email copy that grabs attention
  • Bio and About pages people actually want to read
  • Editing and rewriting existing marketing copy so it clearly and loudly communicates what you want everyone to know