Traveling & This Thing Called Real Life

Traveling & This Thing Called Real Life

Transitioning back into “real life” after a vacation never seems to get easier. Even if my real life is what I like to call, beautifully designed. I am mixed with a feeling of refreshment and resistance to do my work. Longing for more vacation as I scroll through pictures on my phone for the umpteenth time and thinking back on my childhood trips.

I was raised in a town where the streets roll up at sunset and the closest thing to ethnic food are tamales sold by the child on the sidewalk by Dollar General. At home we had a big glass jug that my parents would drop their change into everyday. They were not saving for a new car or TV, but for our annual summer trip. My mom was determined to raise children that were cultured and to see the world. To make us question our belief, be inspired, humbled, learn that the world is bigger than our mountain town and make memories. Dad would stay at home to hold down the storefront and mom would do all that it took to take my brother and me on an adventure. Looking back on all this, I realize that mom sought to inspire me to see the world around me in a more open, receptive way. Life is a complex puzzle of varied life experiences. Each an opportunity to see human behavior from a different perspective, builds on our own understanding of how to respond to life’s challenges.

Looking back it was all of this and giving me not only the travel bug but also she was also inspiring my mission. My mission, to enjoy your work, whatever it may be, and create a sweet balance between it and real life. Without the knowledge and desire to meet life’s challenges, I could not have started the amazing and sometimes willpower testing journey of my coaching business.

I could have stayed at my steady high paying government job with all the so-called perks. Worked a zillion hours a week with two weeks of Blackberry in hand vacation time. Banked away bundles of Benjamin’s. All with the hope of, living until AND enjoying retirement. I would rather place my bets at the next Kentucky Derby and do the work to create more memories today rather than a dreamed of future.

Are you creating a life that feels more a vacation or a life sentence?

I often think of the dramatic but true quote. “You are not guaranteed a tomorrow.”

What is that adventure your still holding captive in that bucket list? How long will it wait?

Will I end my business and move to Provence and start a lavender farm? Probably not, yet. I will keep my mission strong as I continue working with people interested in the same vision of a balance of work and life. Helping them to set intentions and make them happen. Meanwhile, dreaming of new lands to meander. To receive the same gold I did as a kid of being inspired, awakened, humbled and return back home a different person.

Interested in more work + real life balance?

Create a vision board. Check out the science behind them.

Sign up for a trip, the investment of money as accountability. Check out these dream locations.

My personal favorite- Hire a certified coach. The facts behind why coaching works.

Become an Instagram sensation, like this beauty and get paid to travel all over the world.

Looking for some support and accountability to make some changes or to live out your mission? Let’s chat.

Travel, go on mini adventure, try a new route, to be inspired, changed and never the same.

Till next time. Tally-ho.

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