Why I Envy You On Facebook

Why I Envy You On Facebook

Why I Envy You On Facebook

Damn, I “should” be eating that healthy quinoa & fruit bowl I just gave a ‘like’ on Facebook, instead of this boring bowl of oatmeal.  I think to myself, holding my iPhone in the other hand.  Flipping though endless gorgeous pictures of beautiful bendy yogis, baby pics and blissful couples cheersing in front of a crimson sunset in paradise. 

How does she get to go on the most amazing vacation all the time?

Will I ever be as successful as you?  

That was a really good post, why won’t anyone give it a like?  Come on Mom… will you? 

What if I miss the mark and can’t have babies?  Wait do I even want babies?  

Reality smack! 

Facebook, Instagram, social media, the Internet- It’s making us stupid.  

Why do we compare ourselves on social media?  Like most questions, I consult science.

We are hardwired to compare.  Social Comparison Theory: the ability to track and make assessments of our success and progress in society or life.  Basically, we need to compare to make sense of our world.  He is tall, I am short, she has long straight hair and mine is curly.  This is a basic human behavior in a ridiculously complex world.  

Get real about what you’re seeing and not seeing. 

No-one is interested in the mundane, it’s the intriguing, the beautiful, the sexy pictures and post that draw us in.  This is further leads us to the skewed social comparison. 

Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and you will mostly see pics of me smooching with my man on one of our latest trips to France, adorable kitty pics or delicious sunsets.  What you don’t see is my pouting face as we miss trains and get totally turned around in France.  You don’t see me holding my nose as I clean the litter box or yawning through a boring breakfast.  Hum, maybe I should start a real life Facebook campaign.  

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Thomas Jefferson

Get real about what you are seeing or not seeing the next time you’re scrolling.  Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, and beautiful pictures to share with the world are only a glimpse of reality.

While you’re at it, go check out that beautifully real world right outside of your digital smoke screen.  This is where you will find really good stuff.

Over and out,


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PPS: Check out one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Alexandra Franzen.  She has a ginormous following and has sworn off all social media.  Cool cat. 

PPPS:  This is really good stuff

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